Turkish Bath ‘Hamam’ (49€)

If you wish to enjoy the Turkish Hamamı as it have been done for centuries and to feel as a sultan, after sweating leave yourself to the adept hands of our attendants.

We will give you an exquisite scrub and massage; every cell of your body will start to breath, your blood circulation will speed up, you will loose the dead cells and re-vitalize. After the scrub and massage leave yourself to the masterful water and let our attendant wash you at the marble basin.

Massage with oil made of flower essences specially produced for Turkish Hamamı, will relive you from stress; you will feel relaxed and peaceful.

Pleasant aromas will touch your body and soul. You are in Istanbul, at Hamamı. This is the end…


Traditonal Turkish Bath:

(40 Minutes)

Sauna + Scrubing + Foam massage

Price: (39€)

Detox Therapy:

(70 Minutes)

Sauna + Scrubing + Foam massage + oil massage

Price: (49€)