Gülhane Park

This park was royal hunting grounds in the past. Today it’s a public park with lots of seasonal flowers, including huge patches of tulips in early April, and huge plane trees (platanus)—which means lots of shade as well. The high walls on one side of the park seperates it from Topkapı Palace. At one end of the park are a group of nice outdoor cafés—all of which basically serve the same drinks and snacks—with a view of Bosphorus, a view that is as charming as the view from the Palace situated right above. Those cafés sell tea by teapot (which holds over 5 glasses of tea), they only serve one glass if you order one-person-teapots.

Bab-i Hümayün Caddesi (by tram: Gülhane Station)

Visitor Hours: between 09:00-19:00 hours everyday. 100 meters away walking from our hotel.