Turkish Bath ‘Hamam’ (49€)

If you wish to enjoy the Turkish Hamamı as it have been done for centuries and to feel as a sultan, after sweating leave yourself to the adept hands of our attendants.

We will give you an exquisite scrub and massage; every cell of your body will start to breath, your blood circulation will speed up, you will loose the dead cells and re-vitalize. After the scrub and massage leave yourself to the masterful water and let our attendant wash you at the marble basin.

Massage with oil made of flower essences specially produced for Turkish Hamamı, will relive you from stress; you will feel relaxed and peaceful.

Pleasant aromas will touch your body and soul. You are in Istanbul, at Hamamı. This is the end…


Traditonal Turkish Bath:

(40 Minutes)

Sauna + Scrubing + Foam massage

Price: (39€)

Detox Therapy:

(70 Minutes)

Sauna + Scrubing + Foam massage + oil massage

Price: (49€)


Cruise the beautiful Marmara Sea to Princes’ Island by boat.Take the ferry to one of the Princes’ Islands, Buyukada (Big Island) which is a quiet sea front town and summer holiday escape from the city. Leaving the Golden Horn by ferry, you will round Sarayburnu (Seraglio Point), the headland on which the domes and minarets of Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque can be seen.

We will pass four islands with their charming old Ottoman houses and finally reach Buyukada, the largest of the islands. Upon arrival to the island, you will see the lavish Ottoman mansions and other beautiful Victorian summer villas around the island .

You will enjoy a delicious lunch in a cozy sea-side fish restaurant and relax looking back at the domes and minarets among skyscrapers of modern Istanbul’s skyline. This a perfect day for relaxing and enjoying one of Istanbul’s residents’ favorite summer retreats. Return by ferry and drop off to hotel or port.

Duration: Full day

Departure: Everyday (April 1st – December 30st)

Tour Type: Regular / Group Tour

Start/Finish: Start at 08:30 – Finish at 22:00

Price: 29€


We offers a memorable dinner in the middle of bosphorus, with the bright lights of bridges and impressive historical buildings.

As yo step-on board, you will be greeted by experienced team and showed your own private table. As you sail on impressive Bosphorus, your dinner will be served and just after your dinner Dance Team will perform traditional dances for you.

Whether you want to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, valentines day, new year’s eve or just want to have a memorable dinner then look no further than the impressive Bosphorus.

Duration: Short night cruise (3 hr.)

Departure: Everyday (April 1st – December 30st)

Tour Type: Regular / Group Tour

Start/Finish: Start at 21:00 – Finish at 00:00

Price: 49€ without alcohol / 69€ with alcohol


Witness the enchantment of Istanbul with a 3 Hour evening cruise along the beautiful Bosphorus! Aboard the glass-encased luxury yacht, enjoy the city’s main attractions at dusk, including the Dolmabahce Palace, Ortakoy Mosque, Rumeli Fortress, Bosphorus Bridge, Maiden’s Tower and much more…

Savor a delicious tradational Turkish drink (demirhindi) and canapés as you cruise the strait and delight in the magic of Istanbul’s urban shoreline as night falls.

Duration: Short cruise (3 hr.)

Departure: Everyday (April 1st – December 30st)

Tour Type: Regular / Group Tour

Start/Finish: Start at 18:00 – Finish at 21:00

Price: 19€


Enjoy a cruise on the Golden Horn and Istanbul Strait. View Istanbul’s vista from a different perspective.

Explore 2 fascinating sides of the city with a cruise along Istanbul Bosphorous. Immerse yourself in vivid, rich history and landscape while discovering this wondrous cultural landscape.

While cruising in Golden Horn see Pierre Loti Cable Car, Eyüp Mosque, Saint Stephan Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Phanar Greek Orthodox College, Rahmi Koç Museum, and Galata Tower.

Make your way to the coasts of Istanbul Bosphorus. Cruising along the coastline, gaze at the views of the opulent Çırağan Palace and the simplicity of the solitary Maiden Tower (Kız Kulesi).

On that tour, we’ll pick you up from the hotel (city center hotels), then you shall meet with your group and guide at the meeting point. We will cruise on Golden Horn and Bosphorus. And we’ll see from the sea many many places. After the tour, we shall drop you off to your hotel.

Duration: Short cruise (3 hr.)

Departure: Everyday (April 1st – December 30st)

Tour Type: Regular / Group Tour

Start/Finish: Start at 10:00 – Finish at 13:00

Price: 19€